Ask Veronika Telkomsel Virtual Assistant, Here’s How to Access it!

Tanya Veronika Virtual Assistant is a Telkomsel administration dependent on Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation . This help makes it simple for clients to discover data about Telkomsel items and administrations.

Telkomsel Virtual Assistant Service

Alongside the advancement of innovation , changes towards the better keep on being improved by the requirements of people and gatherings on the loose. These progressions will influence examples of thought and activity.

For instance, Telkomsel changes by making the Ask Veronika tanya veronika asisten virtual support of make it simpler for clients to get to different item data. Obviously, this comfort is the principle fascination for Telkomsel clients.

The presence of a Virtual Assistant can assist clients with admittance to homes from GraPARI. With the goal that the Ask Veronika administration is useful and makes it simpler for clients to utilize Telkomsel items. Where clients don’t need to try coming to GraPARI.

Particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, which requires remaining at home in light of the fact that Veronika’s Virtual Assistant help can be known as a Telkomsel Virtual GraPARI.

What is Telkomsel Virtual Assistant?

Telkomsel Virtual Assistant is a chattbot – based computerized administration utilizing AI innovation called Veronika. In making it simpler for clients to get item data, Tanya Veronika utilizes a programming language dependent on Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Likewise, it is furnished with AI to permit connections to happen of course. For instance, my discussion with Veronika’s associate when getting some information about changing web amount.

Strangely, Veronika will offer a promotion that is at present progressing.

Veronika Ask Service Functions

As a Telkomsel client, when I check my credit or web amount, I ordinarily access it physically by dialing * 888 #. Truth be told, as of August 24, 2017, Telkomsel dispatched the Tanya Veronika Virtual Assistant help.

It capacities to check web net, trade Telkomsel Points, discover the closest GraPARI area, buy bundles and other item administration data.

Simple, huh? Unfortunately, I just got some answers concerning this help in 2021. Cry . Incidentally, there is a simple method to discover data on Telkomsel items. Basically access through cell phone whenever and anyplace, you can straightforwardly interface with Veronika Virtual Assistant for 24 hours.

Remote helper Service Information Ask Veronika

As I referenced above, there is a ton of item data that clients can discover from Telkomesl Virtual Assistant by asking Veronika straightforwardly. The Veronika visit administration data , in particular:

  1. Top FAQ of Telkomsel items.
  2. Checking client profiles.
  3. Item and buy data.
  4. The most recent promotion for Telkomsel items

Instructions to Use Ask to Veronify Virtual Assistant

Menial helper administrations can be utilized by all Telkomsel clients. Aside from Halo corporate card clients and extra numbers. Here’s the means by which to utilize it.

Virtual Access Ask Veronika

There are a few gets to that clients can pick when utilizing Veronika Telkomsel Virtual Assistant, in particular through true online media records, applications and the web.

MyTelkomsel application

Ask Veronika Virtual Assistant help is accessible on MyTelkomsel application. Utilizing it is very simple, to be specific on the “Menu” click “Help Center”. At that point select “Visit with Veronika”. Remember to welcome Veronika by composing “Greetings” or “Hi”.


The utilization of the Telegram application in Indonesia has been expanding, particularly during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Hence, to address client issues, Telkomsel gives admittance to menial helper administrations at @telkomsel_official_bot by squeezing the star catch to ask Veronika.

Facebook Messenger

In spite of the development of new web-based media, Facebook is as yet famous today. Indeed, even Facebook clients keep on expanding. Information on Facebook clients in Indonesia in 2020 arrived at 130 million clients.

Through Facebook Messenger, Telkomsel makes it simple for clients to get to Veronika Virtual Assistant. At the point when you click message on the Telkomsel official page, it will consequently associate with Veronika.


Utilizing Telkomsel Virtual Assistant on Whatshap by calling 0811-1111-1111. Kindly ask what veronica is identified with Telkomsel items and administrations. Make sure to make proper acquaintance first with “Howdy” or “Hi”.


Aside from Facebook Messenger Telegram, you can get to Telkomsel Virtual Assistant through the Line application. Through the visit section at @Telkomsel, Veronika will address any inquiries from clients.

Telkomsel Website

On the off chance that you are surfing on the program you can likewise know , talk Veronika on the Telkomsel site. As per the arrangements, welcomed Veronika first prior to requesting the data required.

Terms of Use of the Veronika Ask Service

There are a few things clients need to know before Veronika talk.

  • Prior to utilizing Telkomsel Virtual Assistant administrations, you should type the words “Howdy”, “Hi” or pick Quick Response.
  • Type “drop” on the off chance that you need to proceed to another theme.
  • Try not to utilize cruel language and contain components of SARA.
  • Giving bogus data that affects others’ misfortunes.
  • Illicit admittance to Telkomsel Virtual Assistant administrations.

Remote helper Service Blocking

When utilizing the Tanya Veronika administration, the Telkomsel Virtual Assistant should focus on the confirmation code shipped off the cellphone number. On the off chance that there is a blunder composing the portable number/MSISDN that the client is utilizing, it will be hindered.

Here’s the hindering framework.

OTP Verification Code

  • Wrong OTP code input multiple occasions, administration obstructed for five minutes.
  • While mentioning the OTP code multiple occasions, the assistance is impeded for five minutes.
  • When entering the OTP code in excess of multiple times, the help is impeded 1 x 24 hours.

Enter Mobile Number/MSISDN

Very little unique in relation to the OTP code check rules, when you enter your off-base cellphone number or MSISDN multiple occasions, the assistance is hindered for five minutes.


Innovation is in reality here to make it simpler for people to complete each action. The presence of Tanya Veronika Virtual Assistant, offered by Telkomsel, makes it simpler for clients to uncover item and administration data.

Different gets to through web-based media Facebook, the texting application LINE, Telegram, MyTelkomsel and the Telkomsel Web make it simpler for clients to ask Veronika Virtual Assistant.

Ask Veronika Telkomsel Virtual Assistant, Here’s How to Access it!

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