Company Set Up In Hong Kong – Guide to Company Formation

Company setup in Hong Kong is one of the more popular corporate options in the city. There are many benefits of company formation in Hong Kong that could suit your company’s unique requirements. Among these are tax benefits, legal protection, business advice, and professional help, and a better working environment. These benefits of company formation in Hong Kong could help you decide on the best option for your company.

Company setup in Hong Kong is required by law through several processes. First, the company secretary must be appointed to work as the company secretary. The company secretary serves as the company’s representative in matters involving the company. The company secretary’s duties include answering e-mails, taking company payments, filing tax returns, and handling company accounts. Furthermore, the company secretary is also responsible for collecting company fees, dealing with tax payments, and providing general business support.

Another company setup in Hong Kong is to form a private limited company (PLC). A private limited company has its own set of rules and regulations and is not subject to the statutory requirements of companies in other countries. The nominee company secretary must open a bank account at a bank in Hong Kong to open an offshore company. He or she must also file the company’s Articles of Association and register it with the Hong Kong Sioned Companies Registry (HKCSC).

After the company is setup in Hong Kong, the main objective is to open a bank account. After this, all the formalities can be completed, including the bank account number and routing number. After signing a partnership agreement, a new business will be created. Business people can choose among various business structures, such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability partnerships (LLPs), and private limited companies. They can also select their company name and register it at a rate that suits them.

Forming a corporation is the first task of the company setup in Hong Kong. Then, the Secretary for Business will assign the company’s jobs. But, first, the company must prepare the Articles of Association and register them at the local Office of the Secretary for Business. At this point, the nominee company secretary receives all payments for services rendered by the company. From this point, all the shareholders must attend a board meeting to confirm that all the company’s documents are in order.

After all these proceedings are complete, the company secretary will issue an Employer’s certificate to the new private limited liability company director and secretary. Then, the company must submit audited accounts to the secretary for approval. Next, a business entity certificate is issued to the company secretary. Company formation in Hong Kong is complete. The next step is to give a public company tender and choose a company nominee director.

The process of the company setup in Hong Kong is like that of a company setup in any other country. First, the company formation company must provide its appointed officers with an income and paycheck. Next, a nominee company secretary must be given a copy of the Profit and Loss Account of the company and all relevant account information. After these formalities, the company secretary will issue a register of directors to the company. The register of directors is considered as the last document before the company formation.

On receiving the register of directors, the shareholders will need to discuss and decide upon the company’s share capital. If the shareholders approve the plan, the company secretary will issue an order to the registered company secretary to pay the share capital. Lastly, the company secretary will forward the register of the company to the creditor. The final steps involve signing the documents by both the company secretary and the company nominee director.

Company Set Up In Hong Kong – Guide to Company Formation
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