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Making Your Own Fashion Statement

“The difference between style and fashion is quality.” – Giorgio Armani

Dressing rich on a limited budget and feeling great in whatever you wear, requires planning. Start by concentrating on the classics. These are fashions that have been around a long time and include straight pencil skirts, or A-line dresses that you dress up or down. Others include:, silk blouses, pumps and pearls.

In planning what to wear, always know that clothes are more than protection from exposure to the wind, sun and rain, or a covering for public decency. Your clothing can be imaginative. Certain designs can entertain, attract, and tease the senses of the observer.

Think of your clothing not as lifeless textiles draped on lifeless figures, but as living, vital, fashion voices that reveal your own personality and individuality. These inventive and sometimes absurdly expensive yards of silk, wool, cotton, and man-made blends you have hanging in your closet, are not clothes until you put them on, move, and live in them. Clothes are designed to enhance a living, breathing, moving body.


Imagine your garment as a decorative extension of your body. Now, create a mix of styles and ideas that describe unlimited statements. For example, when wearing a favorite outfit, you create an attractive statement by highlighting your best features. Another statement may be to hide figure “flaws” at the waist, hips, or bust line with unusual belts, sassy scarves, or eye-catching jewelry.

Your body language can be dramatic, professional, or athletic. When you see fashions displayed on a runway model, the effect is more exaggerated. Yet, this picture-view of a garment gives you a key in selecting modern, wearable fashions, and gives you suggestions on how to create your own taste and style.


Taste may be discovered in any simple, well-designed garment. No garment can reveal its shape while hanging in a closet, or displayed on a rack in the department store. Taste is not limited to expensive, exclusive creations.

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