The Individual But Equal Theory of Consciousness

In advance of diving in to the “separate but equal idea of consciousness,” I must present a handful of standard Concepts regarding the Creator. Presenting these principles may help very clear a route for a much better idea of “individual but equivalent” with regards to metaphysics.

These of you that are accustomed to new age ideas, you could possibly recall the phrase “oneness.” Oneness implies that we as human beings are 1 with God. God is in us and we have been in him. Every one of us IS God. This isn’t only a new age idea on the other hand. In philosophy oneness is named pantheism. God is in all points.

An additional critical principle to think about is the concept that the many spirits which comprise God are gender neutral. In impact, God is genderless. Inside the blended ideas of metaphysics and mysticism the soul only assumes a gender through its incarnations. Gender is really a manifestation from the Actual physical world. On exceptional events spirits will suppose their previous gender and individuality when showing to mates and relations. This does not indicate the soul is of both sex. Nor need to God be labeled In keeping with gender. The designation as “God our Father” is incorrect when set into this context.

The final notion I have to include is often a approach a spirit undergoes known as “splitting.” Below all of its Bodily and etheric coverings, humans are practically nothing in excess of pure consciousness. Consciousness has no human body. It’s got almost nothing by which to establish it. Consciousness is awareness. Exactly where consciousness focuses is the place it exists. Consciousness has no boundaries. It truly is infinite. For that reason consciousness has the ability to split itself endlessly. That is how new personalities are born into the earth. A past life identity will produce from it a new identity for use in its subsequent incarnation. This ties in the oneness plan.

Dependant on the above mentioned ideas it is a snap to view that we have been special men and women and but our essence tends to make us indistinguishable. We have been individual from one another and nonetheless the same. What are the ramifications of the esoteric expertise? Can anything helpful come from it? Maybe. For one particular, it implies that with a spiritual amount we have been all equivalent. Only Within this life will we grant position to each other. Within the afterlife, the labels wealthy or bad, ignorant or clever, decrease class and higher, don’t have any that means. Allow me to give you can case in point, Michael Jackson the late new music performer, was known as the “king of pop.” He accomplished points in songs that manufactured him an icon. On the other facet however, I am confident he found that his Earthly standing is of no consequence.

The thing is, we originate through the identical area. Whilst Everyone is Exclusive, we have been all the identical. This data may very well be refreshing to some, although to Some others it may be devastating. In most cases, this revelation will modify practically nothing due to the fact we’ve been obligated to Participate in out our roles whilst we’re alive. It’ll choose a few years ahead of we figure out how to place our roles into viewpoint. Though we should always acquire our duties seriously we mustn’t get so caught up in our roles that we lose sight our correct mother nature. No-one is much better than anybody else. All of our roles are crucial and every of us contributes on the learn program.

Detective David Appreciate is usually a world traveler and Worldwide adventurer.

David appreciate is really a profession non-public Investigator, revealed author, and host with the talk radio present Universal Soul Like within the BBS Radio Community. He can also be a registered minister, pre-marital counselor, board Qualified hypnotist, Sophisticated past-lifetime regressionist therapist, and Reiki healer.

David writes and speaks thoroughly on making use of historical mystical philosophy as means for personal expansion and improvement. His concentration is on empowering people today to establish effective particular achievement tactics.

The Individual But Equal Theory of Consciousness
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