The olfactory display

Just after undergoing their pre-experience Along with the desired destination, the participants moved on to a different place where they answered the questionnaire with regard to the variables beneath research: technological embodiment (four things from Flavián et al., 2019a), sensory stimulation (5 products from Witmer & Singer, 1998), ease of creativity (4 items from Orús et al., 2017, Weathers et al., 2007), affective location image (3 goods from San Martín & Del Bosque, 2008) and conative destination picture (three things from Bigné, Sánchez, & Sánchez, 2001). The measurements had been manufactured on 7-position Likert scales, ranging from “one = strongly disagree” to “7 = strongly concur”. Prior to the contributors delivered their demographic data, they were requested to indicate whether or not they experienced noticed any scent from the experimental place (Of course vs. no), and to amount any scent with regard to pleasantness, depth, familiarity and congruency (Errajaa et al., 2018).

Olfactory stimuli

Following the strategies of Serrano et al. (2016), ceramic diffusers with a small, unscented candle, water, and essence oil of a certain scent, had been utilized to perfume the lab rooms. Present technological developments provide advanced units (e.g., collars, masks, tubes) that enable the person (or even the researcher) to have a high degree of Management over the olfactory inputs (Noguchi et al., 2011, Ranasinghe et al., 2018). On the other hand, as previously stated, The majority of these solutions call for the participant to use Specific units which introduce supplemental nuisance which could distract him/her from the immersive experience (Jung et al., 2020), and could be invasive and/or awkward (Ohtsu et al., 2009, Ranasinghe et al., 2018). These gadgets will often be of complicated style and design, could be costly, and might be unavailable to most people (Herrera & McMahan, 2014). Nevertheless, these refined devices may be practical if the task entails using numerous scents (Lai, 2015, Ranasinghe et al., 2018), or in the event the olfactory stimulation is object-based mostly (Covarrubias et al., 2015, Dinh et al., 1999, Mochizuki et al., 2004). Within our experiment we employed just one ambient scent to complement the multisensory practical experience, provided that the films confirmed a scene in an out of doors natural environment where the person did not interact with any precise item. Additionally, our objective was not to make the scent manipulation extremely apparent to your participants, but to place them in a sensible scenario in which the scents could be subtly perceived. Ceramic diffusers supply a purely natural, non-invasive, uncomplicated and ecological signifies of introducing ambient scent (Serrano et al., 2016; Yanagida, 2012).

The olfactory display

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