The Process of Your Package

Have you ever wondered how your simple online clothing purchase is transmitted and received and eventually sent to you in the mail? From extensive packaging machinery to simple labels and weighing, your package may go through weigher machine a lot before it is sent to you. Case sealers, inspections, and even x-rays have to take place before your package is loaded up with others on a truck and delivered to your door. Packages are sometimes very fragile and take longer to transport, while others travel via express mail and show up to your home in a matter of days. Sometimes packages can be delivered the next day through a super express mail service to your door and that is very fast compared to twenty years ago.

First, a company that you send an order to sends the order to be filled by whoever prepares what goes into packaging. This can be very simple for clothing companies, but when it comes to food products, some companies have to prepare packages in large warehouses with lots of stock that can be hard to sort through. After the package is prepared it has to be labeled with a sender and receiver address. This is usually done nowadays with a computer operated labeling system. Your address and other valid information are already in the computer and it simply prints out a stamp or sticker that is applied to your package.

After this, the stamp has to be manually applied in the correct place. Then the package needs a mailing stamp just like a regular letter. The numbers and size of this stamp is usually determined by the weight of the package or what is inside of it. If something in a package is heavier, it will require more stamps. If something is lighter it will require fewer stamps. These kinds of stamps are basically representing the money that you have to pay to make sure that a package is mailed out, kind of like a letter, only bigger.

After this a company usually has a storage area where all of the packages that need to be sent are stored until the outgoing mail representative has arrived. At this point the mail falls into the hand of a United States Postal Service worker who will bring it back to the main sorting station with all of the regular mail. The survey then goes through weight and x-ray machines and then it is manually checked to make sure there are a correct number of stamps. After this, outgoing mail is sorted based on zip code and the package will go wherever it is supposed to go. The mail carrier for that area will handle the package and make sure that it arrives at your door when it is supposed to, and in good condition.


The Process of Your Package
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