Thermage™ FLX – 2020’s top non-surgical skin tightening

THERMAGE™ FLX Pores and skin Tightening is the most up-to-date generation non-surgical selection for very long-lasting skin tightening. Combating the signs of ageing, loose or sagging skin within the face, tummy or thighs, Thermage promptly lifts and contours the pores and skin for a far more youthful glimpse. THERMAGE™ remedies are all about Electricity – concentrating radiofrequency Strength into certain regions to kick commence the human body’s have collagen renewal approach. By heating the deep layers on the pores and skin, Thermage results in collagen fibres to deal, immediately increasing the looks of sagging or free pores and skin, supplying you with a smoother, firmer and young glance. Thermage performs in an individual therapy with no down time and
provides a natural consequence. No other cure heats as deeply as THERMAGE® FLX. THERMAGE™ FLX can be a non-invasive remedy FDA approved procedure.


The Thermage procedure is a fast technique and needs no downtime from usual functions.  Advancements are quickly noticeable and proceed to further improve following the procedure as your  physique goes as a result of It is really all-natural collagen rebuilding course of action.  Thermage is well suited for all skin types and tones.   The remedy provides normal wanting success in your whole experience, such as the forehead,  eyes, nasolabial folds, jawline, jowls and the region Thermage Singapore below your chin.  We also carry out Thermage on the tummy and internal thighs for advancements to saggy pores and skin. Thermage™ FLX employs patented, FDA cleared technological know-how that delivers warmth deep in to the skin to rejuvenate present collagen and promote new collagen progress. Radiofrequency sound wave Electrical power exactly to target each deep and superficial skin structures simultaneously. The centered Vitality delivery stimuates skin repair and rejuvenation, and activates healthful pores and skin formation. Every affected person has an individually customised treatment method protocol created to deal with their unique facial anatomy. Thermage™ FLX The natural way regenerates getting old and weakened pores and skin for making healthful pores and skin and promotes skin elasticity. The therapy can also be designed to concentrate on surplus facial Extra fat (eg. double chin, jowl fat, chubby cheeks and eyebags) if a sharper facial contouring influence is desired.

How could be the cure completed?

Numbing product is to start with utilized before beginning therapy. A handheld product is pressed from the skin to safely provide warmth for the internal levels. Every time the gadget is placed on the skin, a vibration and a short cooling feeling, accompanied by a deep but quick heating sensation is felt. The deep layers of the skin reaches successful temperatures for tightening. in an effort to develop a customised remedy program exactly where parameters including depth and depth in the Electrical power shipping are established to make sure that the treatment Power is shipped to the various levels in the skin where by Will probably be most valuable. Cure is finished in minutes. Photodynamic Mild Therapy is utilized to immediately cut down any visible downtime. How repeatedly should I go through this therapy? To take pleasure in the whole advantages of the procedure, we advise a application of three treatments above a duration of two yrs to make certain ideal final results that happen to be prolonged-lasting and sustainable. Cure effects can then be effortlessly preserved with single treatments performed every 12 to months, to continue to take pleasure in the pores and skin Advantages it provides.

Am I well suited for this method?

Thermage™ FLX treatment method promotes pores and skin restore, strengthening, lifting and rejuvenation at numerous layers on the experience, eyes and neck. The treatment method may also be meant to sharpen facial contours by lowering double chin, chubby cheeks, jowl Fats and eyebags. Each unique receives a customised treatment method approach based upon individual requires. Thermage™ FLX can profit individuals in spite of age or severity of pores and skin laxity, because the therapy is often intended for a preventive anti-aging technique, or to deal with seen indications of ageing. The regenerative course of action begins when the treatment method is administered and an instantaneous all-natural lifting may be noticed. The total outcomes with the cure will take about two-three months as it’s going to take time and energy to encourage the human body’s purely natural collagen production. Seen improvements are the results of an genuine lifting and strengthening of the pores and skin composition and the results usually are not A short lived “masking” of ageing like botulinium injections and filler. That has a balanced diet and skincare routine, patients can take pleasure in the long-lasting advantages of the treatment method. The Maximus Trilipo RF Electricity heats up the subcutaneous Extra fat tissue layer. The thermal effect through the Power accelerates the organic Unwanted fat metabolism processes and forces the release of liquid Excess fat from Body fat cells into the extra-cellular matrix.

The Maximus patented applicator accelerates drainage of your introduced liquid Excess fat by applying inner and exterior force over the Unwanted fat cell layer. Internally, the TriLipo DMA pulses are specific with the muscle mass layer triggering the muscles to deal. This contraction elevates the underlying muscles and pushes the Extra fat cells upwards to your area. Concurrently, the mechanical tension from the applicator presses to the Unwanted fat cells from higher than. This ends in an hourglass result that induces liquid fat drainage and decreases Extra fat cell layer volume. The blended impact of the RF along with the muscle mass contraction leads to the homogenous heating of both of those the dermal and hypo-dermal layers. This heating accelerates blood and lymph circulation.
About the dermis layer, concentrated TriLipo RF energy heats up collagen fibres causing them to deal. Because the collagen strands are pulled nearer jointly, the pores and skin gets to be tighter. In parallel, the heating influence accelerates the metabolism with the fibroblasts, which augments collagen regeneration and yields skin tightening to take care of wrinkles around the confront, neck, chin and cheeks.

Thermage™ FLX – 2020’s top non-surgical skin tightening

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