Tips to Avoid Dry, Damaged Hair Caused by Pool Chemicals

Frequent use of a swimming pool can cause your hair to sustain significant damage.  Chlorine will cause your hair and scalp to dry and become brittle. The results can be split or broken hairs and discoloration. Here are a few tips on how to avoid such damage.Always rinse your hair with fresh water prior to getting in a swimming pool. Your hair will absorb the fresh water giving the chemicals much less capacity to enter hair follicles. Adding conditioner to your hair prior to pool use will cut the capacity down even more if at all possible to you.Be prepared to shower after each time you use the swimming pool. It is very important to rinse chemicals out of your hair as quickly as possible so they don’t have time to penetrate deep into the hair. 강남풀싸롱

Shampoo and conditioner will ensure a thorough job of removing chemicals and moisturize at the same time.Be careful exposing your hair to anything else that might be drying to your hair such as using a blow dryer, long periods under the sun, and other chemical treatments.Get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks. This will prevent split ends from spreading farther down the hairFor people with longer hair salons offer what is called a “Malibu” treatment which strips all chemicals out of hair and gives a more intense process of moisturizing and healing of hair. This treatment can be costly so it would be wise to check with salon on pricing.Pools should be enjoyable to all who use them. Unfortunately there is some health risks that go along with them. Be prepared to avoid these risks so you can get the most out of your pool. This article is brought to you by Terry Alan one of the pool professionals at


Tips to Avoid Dry, Damaged Hair Caused by Pool Chemicals

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