Understanding Custom and Standard DC/DC Converter Products

A DC/DC converter is a power converter that is used for converting DC current from one voltage level to another voltage level. It could convert a higher voltage level to a lower one, or the other way round. DC power supply is a type of electric charge that moves in a single direction, which is the exact opposite of AC current that alternates between forward and backward movement. We use these DC to DC converters virtually every day in the form of chargers or connectors for our laptops and other handheld mobile devices such as cellular phones and tablets.

There are different types of DC to DC converters. These include: through-hole, chassis mounting, and SMD. Along with these converters, switching regulators also need to be used. The converters and regulators are typically available in wattages that range from 0.25W to 200W. US Standard Products  It is vital that these products are UL-listed, CE approved, and RoHS compliant.However, if these devices need to be used for medical applications, they need to feature isolations up to 6KV. Converters that are continuously short circuit prevented are a definite step towards the safety of medical or other applications.Some industries where these DC/DC converters are commonly used include, medical equipment, communication systems, avionics and transport, automation and process control, and so on. Each of these industries looks for high-quality converters that can offer a safe, reliable quality of service.

Choosing between standard and custom products

The market has a considerable demand for standard as well as custom products. While most manufacturers offer standard products in stock, customized devices could take a few weeks to be designed, engineered, and manufactured. However, the greatest advantage of custom devices is that they are precisely geared to your needs.Typically, standard products come with a predetermined set of features. For instance, they are available in wattages ranging from 0.25W to 200W. The outputs could be single, dual, quad, or independent. Mounting options could comprise chassis mount, SMD, DIP, or SIP.Oftentimes, enterprises need bespoke specifications that are different from the standard ones. In such a scenario, additional specifications and features can be easily integrated on request. For instance, you might want to integrate continuous short circuit or over-voltage protection, or remote switch on/switch off options. Custom DC power supply products can be designed with energy efficiencies of up to 96% for minimizing energy loss. For certain applications, you might also want to integrate features such as low ripple and low noise.


Understanding Custom and Standard DC/DC Converter Products
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