Which Wedding Photography Style Is Best for You

As every niche of photography, wedding photography also has its various approaches. When a couple chooses their photographer, what they first look at is the style of their images.

This is why it is super important to have a consistent, high-quality style that you can promise to deliver to your clients.

The approach you take to capture the big day is the thing that will determine how your photos look. You can choose to take pictures in a photojournalist’s way, but you can also experiment with the area of fine art photography.

Read our post to get to know more about the different styles of wedding photography.

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8 Reasons to Try Black and White Wedding Photography

Flicking through a wedding album, you will find that some of the images are black and white.

The photographer might use this desaturation to break up aussergewöhnliche hochzeitsfotografie the monotony of colour. It is also a great tool for expressing emotions and emphasising contrast.

Black and white images help to cut distractions from unfavourable colours and show the viewer where to focus in the image.

Textures and patterns are great to show off through this monotone. Use it to your advantage today.

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How To Photograph An Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are unique experiences that require throughout preparations. Before the photoshoot, you need to get yourself familiar with the Indian wedding traditions.

Even in Indian culture, there are several different types of traditions. You need to get to know the couple before the event and learn more about their expectations. You should ask for example photos and descriptions about how they imagine their wedding to look like.

Such precautions help you avoid unnecessary stress while photographing the wedding.

Bride at an Indian wedding

10 Ideas for Beautiful Bridal Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography started as one of the incorporated styles inside wedding photography. Before the wedding, the bridge would gather her bridesmaids together to get ready for the big day.

This is a special time of female bonding. As the bride prepares, a photographer would capture her. These photographs are something intimate to be shared with the groom. They are also perfect for capturing sensuality and boosting the model’s self-esteem.

Boudoir photography is another part of the wedding photograph list. So, cover your bases and immerse yourself in this world.

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The Best Tips for Drone Wedding Photography

Drone photography is becoming increasingly popular. The are many choices as technology grows, some even offer 4K video and very high-resolution images.

This is a great addition to photographing the surrounding area as a prelude to the wedding album. Due to the unusual angles, when shooting with a drone, the only limits are the sky and your creativity.

There are many places you can’t use a drone, and even have to ask for permission from those who own the property. Be smart and follow the rules first.

Aerial photo of a bride and groom on a beach

10 Tips for Stunning Outdoor Wedding Photography

Photographing outdoors can save you from a lot of stress regarding low light conditions, having to use high ISO, or not being able to get far enough from the subject.

But it also comes with its own set of challenges. When photographing outdoor weddings, you need to deal with uneven lighting, distractions in the background, and the weather.

When choosing the time of the day for capturing a wedding, it is important to take the lighting into account. You also have to prepare for unexpected weather conditions.

Check out our article to read the best tips about outdoor wedding photography!

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How to Effectively Backup Your Wedding Photos

This is one area that isn’t just specific to wedding photography. But instead, all photography.

Due to the faced paced and stressful nature, it would be easy to lose a card. Or even accidentally format it while shooting.

That would be an absolute tragedy. Make sure you have enough cards to shoot the entire wedding day with (plus extras just in case).

At the wedding, or when you get home, copy the files and back them up immediately. Make sure you have the correct files before you delete them for the next wedding.

Cloud storage is a great way to keep them secure You can set it up at the event for less hassle.

Which Wedding Photography Style Is Best for You

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