Who offers IOP in Philadelphia?

If you are going to IOP in Philadelphia, you will most likely only be attending the treatment facility for a few hours a day.  This means that you will have plenty of time to explore and engage yourself in many of the (sober) activities that Philadelphia has to offer.  Here is a list of a few of these.

Rittenhouse Square

When William Penn planned Philadelphia, he planned five squares that are utilized as parks.  Rittenhouse is the most glamorous of these and is both the name of the park and the name of the surrounding neighborhood, which is home to the city’s best restaurants, shopping and relate estate.  The square is a wonderfully designed and well-maintained park.  In the summer, a fountain in the park serves as a gathering space.  When the weather is nice, you can pick up picnic supplies and find a seat on of the many benches which are in the park.

University of Pennsylvania

Better known as Penn, the University of Pennsylvania was founded in 1750 and looks akin to the very definition of an Ivy League university, with its Gothic buildings and lush courtyards.  The campus offers visitors and students a rest from the bustle of the city, and on days of nice weather can even double as a picnic site.

Reading Terminal Market

The site of Reading Terminal Market has been around since 1893, although now its vegetable, fish and meat sellers are jostled in with dozens of restaurants, bakeries and bars.  Looking at the old-timey neon signs can help you to have an idea of the many different options.

Barnes Foundation

This is where the Main Line of Philadelphia aristocrats of a certain age spending weekend afternoons at the Rittenhouse hotel.  You can spend several hours eyeing the inconceivable amounts of Impressionist art in this rich person’s manor home.  The collection includes Impressionist and post-Impressionist paintings, with Matisse and Cezanne both on display.  There is also African sculpture, Native American ceramics and traditional American paintings here, and it is sure to impress all lovers of art.

Magic Gardens

The creations of Philadelphia’s most beloved mosaic artist, Isiah Zagar, are beautiful and surreal.  The project, which covers three lots of the city, is a mesh of mirror fragments, tils and other found objects, combined with mesmerizing effect.  Walking through the indoor and outdoor space does not take that long, and there is plenty for children to enjoy, making it an ideal stop for families.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is the crown of the Ben Franklin Parkway.  Here, the largest and most important of the works of the artist Duchamp are here, as well as an enormous collection of sculptures by Brancusi.  There is a vast array of Impressionist and post-Impressionist paintings, including Van Gogh’s masterpiece, Sunflowers.

You can run up the steps as though you are in the movie Rocky, then head through the museum’s antiquities galleries.  After, go outside and sit and watch the traffic go by.  It is sure that you will have one of the best vantage points in the city.

The Italian Market

Philadelphians regularly call Philadelphia “a city of neighborhoods”.  The Italian Market is a perfect example.  It has been open since the 1880s, and is the beating heart of South Philly, a neighborhood which is historically Italian and has also recently become home to pockets of Mexican and Vietnamese immigrants.  The market buzzes with shops and outdoor vendors showing off the best which the community has to offer.

National constitution center

For history lovers, Philadelphia has plenty to offer – the Liberty Bill, the Museum of the American Revolution and Independence Hall to name a few places.  Those interested in democracy should not miss the National Constitution Center.  Situated near the Liberty Bell, it was opened in 2003 to serve as a bipartisan institution by Congress.  After 20 years, the building still feels fresh.  The center often hosts events about American democracy.  In 2008 it hosted a Democratic primary debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Fairmount Park

This is not your typical city park.  At over 2000 acres, it is the home of miles of trails, biking and hiking paths, the country’s oldest zoo, a Japanese garden and house and the city’s iconic Boathouse Row.  Well worth a visit.

We hope that if you go to IOP in Philadelphia then you will enjoy the activities which we have suggested in this guide.  Recovery is difficult, but it should also be enjoyable.  If you go to IOP in Philadelphia, remember… try to enjoy yourself!

Who offers IOP in Philadelphia?
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