Why should decluttering be on top of your new year resolutions?

Every year new year’s resolutions begin with the redundant, yet endless wish-list of unattainable goals. Half of these were penned down because of the anger and guilt of not achieving them five years ago – inducing more stress and anxiety. 

But here is how a simple hack, of decluttering first, can turn the tables around for better:


Your Outer World is a Reflection of Your Inner Mind


Famous Canadian clinical psychiatrist, and probably one of the most intellectual people of our time, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson has time and again emphasized “cleaning your room.” He advocates that an untidy workspace or living environment instills a chaotic pattern of thinking. If your surroundings are organized, you are more likely to think systematically and get more done. An organized environment helps boost mental clarity allowing you to make better decisions and work efficiently.


Decluttering Doesn’t Test Your Willpower


Take a simple example – if one of your new year’s resolutions is losing weight. But with the pandemic and the lockdown you are home-bound – so let’s suppose you choose to do cardio on a jump rope five times a week. Having decluttering at the top of your list will allow you to keep the jump rope, your water bottle, gym wear, and shoes in an organized manner. That way you will not only know exactly where to find things but additionally, you won’t be dependent on your willpower solely to get you moving. Your organized environment shall pave the path for you – similar to a video game!


The same rule applies to other activities – like decluttering your refrigerator. Getting rid of all the expired items and unhealthy food shall encourage you to stock your fridge with healthier alternatives – making your life easier and boosting progress since everything works in alignment: kind of like a chain reaction!


On the other hand, living haphazardly puts a heavyweight on your willpower and every time you are trying to build a new habit, you tend to be put off with the idea of looking for the thing you need – stop this vicious cycle in 2021 by following these smart storage tips.


Cluttered Homes Increase Sensory Overload


Imagine being in a room full of delectable meals, but you are forced to work on an empty stomach. Naturally, you will want to try out some foods. But you are forbidden to consume even a morsel until your task is complete. This initiates a mental conflict – both convergent and divergent thinking occur at the same time. The convergent thinking explores how good you will feel if you abandon your work to just delve into the most basic of human pleasures – scrumptious food. Whereas the divergent mind works like a tyrant, forcing you to focus on your task – hampering progress and eventually making you loathe the task. This typical conflicted thinking induces stress and anxiety – one that is similar to the ailment caused by decluttered homes with increased sensory information, parallel to the hypothetical room full of umami food.  


Decluttering Helps with Goal Alignment


One of the reasons why we are convinced that decluttering should top your new year resolution list is that it is a cornerstone for all your goals. Decluttering helps promote a more organized and disciplined life – that includes half of the attributes you need for a successful life! Add in hard work and you are sure to get all your goals completed in 2021! When you do not have to worry about the piles of clothes haphazardly stuffed in your closet, or you do not have to search hours for that one necessary document – you end up saving more time, evading stressful situations, and getting more done. That is the essence of a productive, fulfilling, and happy life!


Hopefully, you are convinced about decluttering before starting with any of your other goals in 2021. But if the massive transition seems too overwhelming for you at this point, then try smart storage for the items that you do not need or the ones that keep your home cluttered. This way you will get to experience the hyper-productive, decluttered, minimalist lifestyle without going through the pain of parting your favorite, branded bag that you never got to use since buying it.  

Why should decluttering be on top of your new year resolutions?
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