April 13, 2024

Just as we need to insure life, home and possessions, we need travel insurance against travel risks. Insurance companies have custom made plans for every type of travel so that you do not end up paying more if you are a frequent traveler. Standard plans offer risk cover for at the maximum for 90 days whereas a frequent traveler may not be sure of his travel plans which can be on the spur of the www.bajatraveler.net or premeditated.

Annual Travel Insurance is devised for those who travel frequently in a year. Annual Travel Insurance may appear a bit more expensive than a standard plan but it makes up with an extended duration as it remains active for a full year with one time premium.

Before buying an Annual Travel Insurance plan you need to read the fine print and understand the terms and conditions very carefully to avoid heart burns later in case of claim being filed with the company. Most of the travel policies do not cover risky activities like dangerous sports nor damage to your pets.

Another condition worthy of a scrutiny is that of an Excess waiver. This similar is to a deduction that most of other types of insurances have where you promise to pay a portion of the claim from your own pocket to avoid higher premiums.

Purchasing online travel insurance results in a saving of as much as 40% for customers. As companies save on overhead costs by selling policies online they offer reduced premiums and offer to cover more risks than they would do if you were applying in the conventional manner through an application. Such extended coverage offers may include home insurance and that of possessions. Buying insurance cover online actually translates into paying lesser premium for more coverage.

Companies have Annual Travel Insurance plans customized to the needs of an individual, group or institution. For example families that travel for Golf Tournaments often, may opt for a plan known as Annual Golf Travel Plan which will most of the time cover the risk of loss of golf materials as well as injury caused to a third party or any other liability incurred from playing golf.