June 20, 2024

Gardening is a rewarding activity in The Sims 4, allowing your Sims to cultivate a variety of plants, from common vegetables to rare flowers. Whether you’re aiming for a self-sufficient homestead or a picturesque landscape, mastering the art of gardening can add a whole new dimension to your Sims’ lives.

Getting Started:

  1. Planting Essentials: You’ll need a planting plot to get started. Purchase garden pots, planters, or a garden patch in Build Mode. Some come with starter seeds already included!
  2. Seeds and Saplings: Seeds can be obtained through various means: buying them from a computer or a gardening vendor, finding them in seed packets scattered around the world, or harvesting them from mature plants.

Planting and Nurturing:

  1. Planting: Drag and drop seeds or saplings onto your chosen plot and select “Plant.” Sims with higher Gardening Skill levels can unlock new grafting techniques to combine different plants and create unique hybrids.
  2. Watering: Keep your plants hydrated! Click on the plant and select “Water” to ensure it thrives.
  3. Weeding: Watch out for weeds! They can stunt plant growth. Click on weeds and select “Weed” to remove them.

Harvesting the Rewards:

  1. Harvest Time: Once your plants mature, click on them and select “Harvest” to collect the fruits, vegetables, or flowers.
  2. Quality Matters: Higher Gardening Skill levels lead to higher quality produce, which can be sold for more Simoleans or used in delicious recipes.

Gardening Beyond the Basics:

  • Seasons Expansion Pack: Introduces weather elements that impact plant growth. Protect your delicate plants from frost with cloches or greenhouses.
  • Cottage Living Expansion Pack: Unlocks the Gnomes who can help or hinder your gardening endeavors. You can also befriend Wild Foxes who may unearth rare seeds.
  • Romantic Garden Stuff Pack: Provides charming garden décor and the wishing well, offering a chance for Sims to find rare seeds or other rewards.

Gardening Tips:

  • Experiment with different plant combinations to discover unique hybrids and rare specimens.
  • Utilize scarecrows and birdhouses to deter unwanted critters from munching on your crops Bea-qs.com/.
  • Fertilize your plants for a boost in growth and quality.

With dedication and a little green thumb, your Sims can become flourishing gardeners, cultivating a beautiful and bountiful haven. So grab your gardening gloves and get ready to grow!