April 13, 2024

Our money is worn out within some weeks. Paper money I bunker never lasts very lengthy. This is good in that it keeps the fake money to a minimal. But money inside the occasion of an endemic, virus or disease bio-assault could assist spead it rapid. Now then If the money became coated with .1 mil of ceramic coating it may actually be washed with out being destroyed. Glass is impervious to moisture and will be wiped clean with steam and be secure to use again. Small agencies should clean the money with a touch steam gadget earlier than the sign up inside the case of a huge bio attack that’s going for walks wild thru the populace.

The Federal Reserve although would have a barely accelerated fee to print, the cash might really last 3 to 5 instances as lengthy. It would be covered within the event of direct sunlight and UV. It might be covered in opposition to spreading diseases now, such things as TB, not unusual bloodless, etc. As many Americans are weakened in their immune structures because of Diabetes, AIDS, and many others. So we ought to in reality save lives this manner now. As we’ve got illegal extraterrestrial beings coming over the borders without their shots, we are susceptible to such a lot of varieties of sicknesses and viruses each day and for the maximum element we also are the use of coins normal, despite the fact that so one can subsequently change too, due to use of plastic monies;

And digital payments via RFID implanted devices or Cell phone chip bills or even micro payments at the Internet.