July 16, 2024

The cold weather seems to be upon most of Canada and the United States in the month of January. Your pets should be taken into consideration when the cold weather hits your area There are some guidelines to keep in mind for the winter months in protecting your pets.

Dogs should never be let off the lease in the snow or ice because they often lose their scent in this type of weather, may get away from the pet owner and be hard to find in this cold weather. They can become disoriented in the cold weather and therefore be lost to you being out too long in the cold.

People are warned to stay bundled up and inside in below temperatures this also applies to your pets. You must keep pets indoors as much as possible when temperatures are in the low freezing times when wind chill warnings are out. The effect on a person does not take long in the wind chill or pets.

You should never leave your pets- dogs, cats etc.outside in the cold weather unsupervised because you cannot tell unless you are with them how the cold is really affecting them. If there is some reason that you cannot bring your pet inside then try to make a place that is warm and away from drafts for them to sleep. Ensuring that they will be safe away from the winter chill. Provide some form of bedding which will give some insulation and help keep them warm. Straw for example will help protect them from the cold floor and provide some insulation.

Cold weather can affect a person’s hands, face exposed places so you should take precautions with your pets as well. Clean your pet’s paw’s off before they come inside. The salt and ice-melting chemicals used on most streets during the winter months can burn dogs’ paws. There are many new styles of winter boots or overshoes available now for dogs as well as the new pet-friendly ice melts now being carried in many pet stores. There is more and more new items available for protection of your pet in the winter. www.petsblog.org many stores now carry clothing in the forms of coats and sweaters for many pets. We must dress warmer in the winter for those temperatures so it is therefore necessary to prepare your pet as well.

We have all experienced strange noises at one time from out car start up. Be sure to knock on your car hoods before starting the engines because it is found that warm car engines provide an inviting place for cats and small animals to cozy up to for warmth not realizing the risks involved.

Antifreeze is another well known threat to pets and taken in large amounts can be harmful. . It is a sweet tasting treat which seem to attract animals and found more at this time of year on the ground. A precaution is to keep this poisonous substance from pets by wiping up any spills that may occur and by storing containers where they are not easy assessable by anyone except yourself. Antifreeze will not harm pets if taken swallowed in small amounts, but reactions can happen, because it is made from propylene glycol but can be poisonous if digested in large quantities. Any kind of alien chemical should not be of access to pets or anyone.

The winter is hard on everyone and people tend to take vitamins, apply more creams and lotions to keep their skin moist in the cold dry air. Pets also need supplements such as fatty-acid and skin conditioners for protection of their skin and coats through the winter months. Pets with short hair will be affected more with the cold.

Pets should not be left in a vehicle for a long period of time during the winter any more than in the summer months. The summer the vehicle can become a furnace well it is opposite for the winter and pets can pick up chills in a cold vehicle for long periods of time.

Heaven Pet Urns cares about your pets and the pet owners. We hope you will keep these guidelines in mind through the winter months when temperatures drop. Protect yourself and your pet because we care and it shows in our pet urn products and our thoughts.