April 20, 2024

I lately had a reader ship me this remark:

“As a complete-time dad I need to address pretty much every womenhealthtips.co.uk minor infection my two children pickup, the entirety from a bump on the top to chook pox. I observed the Highway to Health ebook very useful and it is one of the first things I reach for whilst some thing goes incorrect!”

Mr John Bradbury

United Kingdom

It were given me questioning – even though the Highway to Health does cover complications, perhaps going into a touch greater detail approximately ‘bumps on the head’ could be beneficial. So here we move…

There are two primary styles of head injury – concussion and compression.

*Concussion* is the commonest:

It’s when your mind gets ‘shaken’ internal your head. Like anything, it receives a bit bruising. Like any bruise it heals with time.

It can be as a result of all sorts of matters:
Kids banging heads, perhaps playing recreation.
A baby recently ran in to a coffee table and got concussion.
Falling off things, going for walks into things, tripping over…

It’s commonplace and not too severe.

You might experience a bit shaken up at the start, would possibly even bypass out for some moments, however no longer for long.

You could sense dizzy or confused as nicely.

You’ll have a headache – however you knew that, proper?

You’ll possibly get a bruise or bump at the outdoor too.

You might sense or be ill, but this could pass.

Your vision may get blurred, but this passes.
Sit down and take it easy.

Put a cold compress (e.G. Wet sponge) at the bump.

Try not to worry – or if it’s a infant, try to reassure and comfort them.