April 20, 2024

Another Vioxx-like incidence can be on the womenhealth tips upward push, as warnings about Pfizer’s arthritis ache drug, Bextra, keep to mount.

According to a have a look at of extra than 1,500 patients who had previously undergone cardiac surgical procedure, people who have been dealt with for pain with Bextra have been more likely to have coronary heart and blood clotting troubles than people who received no drug at all.

Associated problems included:

* Stroke

* Heart assault

* Blood clots within the lung

* Deep vein blood clots in the leg

Regardless of the truth that taking Bextra affords such extreme health dangers, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still believes the advantages of the drug outweigh the risks whilst used by the right patients. In mild of those fitness issues, however, the FDA accredited a new label for the drug, which warns that folks who these days had coronary heart surgical treatment (or who are allergic to sulfa merchandise) ought to now not take the drug. The revised label also strengthens the caution of the chance of extreme skin reactions — of which may also result in dying.

Bextra is a cox-2 inhibitor, that is a category of painkillers which can be popularly used due to their efficiency in treating arthritis pain and different ailments. Vioxx is likewise a cox-2 inhibitor and changed into pulled from the market due to the cardiovascular risks related to taking the drug.

Considering the health risks involved with cox-2 inhibitors, the FDA can be holding a public advisory meeting to speak about the protection worries of those and other associated drugs.

USA Today December 9, 2004

Dr. Mercola’s Comment:

I actually have formerly published an editorial caution that Bextra’s dangers are even better than Vioxx’s. And, as this text said, the FDA is now editing Bextra’s label to kingdom that taking the drug after having cardiac surgical procedure could increase one’s probability of coronary heart and blood clotting issues.

Folks, I noticed this one coming years in the past: In 2001 I warned my readers of the adverse results from taking Bextra. This drug is simply every other cox-2 inhibitor disaster waiting to happen. Pain-killing drugs — supposed to alleviate symptoms however by no means the authentic circumstance — are rarely necessary.

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